Ban Appeal Loones

Ban Appeal Form from Loones

In-Game name:

Response: Loones

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/8/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Epic Mix

Why should we unban you:

Response: The question is, why was i banned?, i wasn’t trying to kill anyone thru the wall or anything. The only “fishy” thing that i do, is prefire the place i see granades coming from. I usually camp a little but it isn’t to get kills, i keep turning left/right/back etc, to see enemies and i usually prefire the places im looking aswell trying to get a prekill. As i’ve played MW3 for a while now, i know players hide behind cars/trucks, so i just kept on prefiring them aswell im pretty sure anyone would do that if they are playing safe.
I dont have much to add, as my ban was when the round ended.
(Global ban)

Best Regards. -Loones

what’s a prekill?

I ment, you’re prefiring a place, and the enemy just goes running thru your fire and you happen to kill him.

Well… When on the server, Loones actually told me he wanted to use the AUG… only that… he told me he had a trainer, but it wasn’t on atm so he asked me in the team chat for permission to use the gun through the trainer. I told him that he should ask on the Discord channel, but shouldn’t use it or I would have to ban him, because a hack is a hack anyway. He didn’t use it. But later on on the same game he got gbanned because of reason “wall” as he told me on Discord. I had proof of the messages but picked the wrong demo and played on top of that record -_- so now I guess that, based on this info, the best way that you guys should decide this would probably be voting for ban or not. I give a 0 because i don’t even care anymore. I just want this to be over. I have a headache. Bye…

:fuu: :penis: :penis: :penis:

The AUG isn’t actually in the trainer, is from a trainer but it isn’t in a trainer. Its actually a class that i own. And as you said and its totally correct i asked for your permission, you said no so i followed it and didn’t use. Later on when the game ended as i said on my appeal i got banned for wall, but i don’t know what could i’ve done to be banned. I stated that i prefire alot but that isn’t walling, is just prefiring.
I dont know how votes work aswell, but if i don’t know any admin then it would just be no’s wouldn’t it. Anyways thank you for letting it clear.

you suspicious af m9, u talk about how u prefire a lot and about using mods and shit. The fuck u expect us to do man, ive seen you on the server and all you do is camp so even if u are not walling (which I doubt) I still don’t like you. Stay banned.

So because you dont “like me” i stay banned?

Damn, i’ve seen alot of good staffs, but you my man, you’re the one.

Thanks for your time anyways.

After a discussion with other admin(s) we have decided to uplift your ban due to the lack of proof.
We are sorry.