BAN APPEAL M9 from Shrekstacy

IN GAME NAME: Shrekstacy
BAN ID: 273

Basically I got banned for using this thing called a portable radar. Oh and I had something else I think…Oh yeah, it was marksman :l

Will upload proof in a few minutes/hours btw thanks for the demo will check it out too.

EDIT: The demo you gave us is not the demo i have with you.

Well thats the demo of the game I got banned on, here is the game before that, and the only other game I had on your server:

Again, please note the heavy use of marksman + the portable radar.

Thanks, Will check it out now.

EDIT: Reviewed the proof i got and both of your demos… in fact it really does look like your hacking on kill cams although it is true you had marksman and Portable radar. You should be unbanned now.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks a lot mate.

No bothers, come stop by and chill with us maybe even apply for member :smiley: