Ban Appeal Mandalorian

Ban Appeal Form from Mandalorian

In-Game name:

Response: RB Hitman

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/18/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN S&D Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: Because u have no proof of me scrolling yesterday. Like I said I use space to shoot and I’m not going to stop using the jump key to shoot my g36c , it shoots very quickly and looks like scroll but it’s not maybe u should say in your rules no scroll.

Not actually a member of NN but they do specify in their Rules of no scroll-firing.

Their Rules you can find below this sentence.
It’s under ‘Server Rules:’ and is the second rule in the list.

Hello Hitman,

The rule specify no use of scroll/macro firing. Using spacebar and mouse control for firing is a grey-zone. It isn’t fully a macro, but it is an advantage. In the spirit of good sportsmanship. Me and other admin deem it was an unfair advantage. You were politely ask to refrain from using said advantage. You kept doing it. I’ve witness you using this advantage in Broadcast last night on our SnD server. This was the reason of your temporary ban.
You’ve kindly provided the explanation for your evidence. Thank you for that.

Now for your permanent ban, the head admin decide that due to your poor conduct in the discord. You should be permanently ban from our server. If you wish, I can proudly provide said evidence.


just let me know if i can appeal the perm ban

And tell your head admin storm that he should unban me permanetly because i was not having poor conduct in the server xD. I said nothing wrong except i said Shut the fuck up because u told me to shut the fuck up and i told britney suck my dick becausse she said that i should get perm banned just because i said i wont change my settings on my pc? dude who do u think u are to tell me what controls to shoot with? I got it no trigger finger it isnt my fault im experienced and i ave good ass equipment to game with… Try supporting your habits man like i do and dont be jealous. And this is what i think this clan is A Jealous and bias clan Because u cant say to me that im being perm banned from all your servers just because i disrespected admins that disrespected me. If im not unbanned a month from now i will go to the black web hire a cyber hacker and cause terror in this clan because u guys dont deserve the key to NN servers , very very poor management by your staff and a new board of directors is needed. Storm needs to throw him self away and get a job to support his life instead of getting fat infront of a pc.

hopefully they could give u guys a warning for your unfair rules…

[quote=Mandalorian post_id=17704 time=1626715920 user_id=4477]
its so easy to unban my self on your server with this computer, im simply gonna re install windows and get a new wifi box :p, try using advance and not cheap Commands on your weak ass servers man although them weak ass servers fun xDDDD

Yeah I bet lol please go head so I can watch and laugh at your dumbass

No need to laugh foe I’m already playing in the server lolzz

You will soon find out the power I harness

Your shit man

U can’t possibly know my new IP address and plus I’m going to use VPN on your server so… I’m the one laughing

Like I said it’s easy to unban myself and I already have

Storm ownss his ass server not me lmao u are shit without that server :joy::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::ok_hand:t5::brain:

And I have another PC so

You mean this IP 69.XX.24.3 ?

Lol thats weak. This is the IP adress that this server wants you to see . U wont know what ip ill be using on your server. And i wont tell u who i am in game so all your efforts are in vain friend. And im going to create and regular tdm and snd server to de populate this racist clan.

u think i dont know u can see m ip because im logged in into this server xDDDD. Dude a cyber hack will shredd this whole clan in seconds i just need to come good with my money which i will…

ever heard of Meseriasu? u will see him soon :v

Dont ban me on this server, lets speak still bro, lets have a conversation without you abusing your cmds. U think im a kid i swear if i knew where u live rn i would come n shoot u

TELL Me why u so strict with players banning them for petty shit? thats why i will spend money to ruin this clan