Ban Appeal Mandolorian

Ban Appeal Form from Mandolorian

In-Game name:

Response: Mandolorian / |R|B|-Hitman-

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 11/17/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Broadcast

Why should we unban you:

Response: Before I answer the question why should we unban you, i just want to say that i wasnt sure when i got banned , for sure i was tmp banned on the 17 th for couple hours then when the time passed and i wanted to rejoin , my ban extended to 14 days and im not sure why. Im now going to explain what happened, im admitting to disrespecting and admin without any regard, i get very disrespectful at times , mainly because i have rage issues when it comes to gaming, but the 17th that particular day , i was playing in the server with an admin called Chiney, i never liked him from the moment i started playing with him only because he abuse commands, mainly the warning commands, i understand that players must play the objective but sometimes i make mistakes thinkng that there are other players on my team and i will just hold a position instead of planting and end up not planting , so he would warn me for it alot and sometimes i will get mad at him but i wont disrespect him, but yesterday i was already upset because i was doing poorly in SND , but before that i said the word nigga and he warned me, this is what i dislike chiney and Zeus for, they warn u for saying the word nigga. the culture i come from i refer to my brothers as niggas you know, and i didnt see it as a rule in the server , so i get so mad when they warn me for it, but i do listen and not say it, but yesterday i forgot and like i said i was upset already and not intentionally i said the word nigga, and chiney warned me. I didnt get upset, during the game i made a mistake , i though my other team mate was going to plant and he didnt but instead chiney kicked me with the reason saying play the obj, when i came back to the server he saw it fit to warn me after he kicked me during the freaking game, Admin or whoever i speaking to, IT was at that moment that the bootle cover of my head FLEW off and i just cussed the shit out of chiney, i was so sorry and im sorry chiney and the Entire NN clan FOr disrespecting its members, i accept my punishment and ive already not played for an entire Day , and i belive i am ready to play again without any bad behaviour, i am willing to behave myself and not disrespect anyone and plant the bomb, and not say the word nigga, this is why i think i should be unbanned because i am very sorry and i want to change and enjoy my time playing. Just to say a joke xD Awakening banned me on the day my vacation from college started XD and the length of the ban covers the length of my school vacation so basically when the ban is uplifted school starts back XD, so i really want this ban uplifted now Please High rank admins, im very sorry.

You were banned because of Rule#1: No Racism.

[11/16/2020-12:43] Yoda|RB-Hitman-(XXXXX): “thid ***** ziom wh asf”
[11/16/2020-12:45] Yoda|RB-Hitman-(XXXXX): “fuck u *****”

Next time you decide to throw a racist slur you will be banned permenately from our servers.

[11/16/2020-12:39] Yoda|RB-Hitman-(XXXXX): “NN admins are so shit.”

At this point. You are on our watchlist. Please behave. Not everyone is hacking. If you believe someone is hacking, feel free to ping me on discord. I’ll look into it.

Thank you,

No temp ban will stay until it expires. You should have though about the actions before hand.