Ban Appeal masterkeys709

Ban Appeal Form from masterkeys709

In-Game name:

[color=#f3b230]Response: Masterkeys709[/color]

Date and approximate time of banning:

[color=#f3b230]Response: 3/8/2022[/color]

On what server you got banned:

[color=#f3b230]Response: NN Stock Maps[/color]

Why should we unban you:

[color=#f3b230]Response: I was using an MSR Silenced going for a quad headshot feed for a montage. I was not even playing well, and not hitting many headshots either. Here is a link to the last minute of game play before I got banned.[/color]

Seems like you were falsely flagged by anticheat since you were going for headshots, should be good to reconnect now.

Thank you! I guess I shouldn’t go for headshots for now. Thank you for responding promptly!

No worries, you should be good to keep going for it stuff like that, but worst case scenario is you get banned again and then i’d probably stop.