Ban Appeal MicheleUL

Ban Appeal Form from MicheleUL

In-Game name:

Response: MicheleUL

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/18/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I play this server everyday for 3 years maybe. I never used wh and my score demostrated it.

Hi there, and thanks for the appeal.

I’ve searched for the username “MicheleUL” and found 0 results, are you sure this is your in game name? Please respond back with the name you had in game at the time of ban and I can pull up your details.

yos, MicheleUL is my in game name. i was banned for no reason 2/3 hours ago. On discord i see a player report me saying i’m hacking, but that’s not true

He was banned with that name and I’ve asked the admin who banned him for proof.

Please give us some time to review your ban as he is unavailable right now.

OK i wait. but i reported some hackers in this server and now i get reported for hack. thank you btw

i think he is unavailable right now becouse he have no proof. And he have no proof becouse i don’t hack. Permaban without a proof, it’s a joke

Relax. He’s unavailable right now because it hasn’t even been 3 hours since your ban and people have lives outside of video games.

Be patient. If he has no proof you will get unbanned.

ok, that’s right

<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”>;</LINK_TEXT>

First minute and then if you skip to min 2:55 you can clearly see the walls.

Btw I think I sense silent aim with the sniper too.

Good luck friend.

Really the proof is 1 lucky shot sniping and a normal kill. I don’t know how I see the player in the corner but I know that in that corner there was a player in 80% of the case (a sniper, a camper,…)

Maybe I see the player kill my teammates or i heard shooting. I don’t know, I play around 10 match for day, how can explain every single kill?

This is not a proof I’m hacking.

Just my two cents, but when I do a prefire shot and hit something I remember it.I’m sure that’s the same with anyone else especially when shown a clip of it.
(after watching the majority of it I’d really like to hear your excuses as they may just be very amusing)

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you want to say, can you repeat please? I don’t speak English so good

Best way to explain it is to be very blunt. The proof looks like you’re wall hacking pretty hard. Coming up with an excuse is basically useless because it’s so obvious. I’m curious as to what excuse you’ll try to use next because there’s no way you can explain what you’re doing other than admitting you were using hacks.

Omg, I can’t say an excuse for a normal kill. I was killed with prefire, I killed with prefire, everyone who know the map kill with prefire.
1 killcam can’t proof I’m hacking. Take a demo while someone spec me and then this demo can’t proof nothing because I DON’T HACK. I’m a player who report hacker, I’m not the hacker.

You haven’t even provided any proof of that game to any admins. Maybe if YOU had demos showing your POV, they would look those over, but since you haven’t, it’s harder to justify your case

I reported hackers in game with comand !report and !contact when I see hacker and aimbot.

In this case another player must take a proof I’m hacking and the 2 killcam in demo don’t proof nothing. I was accused and banned without proof and now you say I must take a demo of myself. It’s really a joke.

This thread is starting to spiral downhill, so I’m going to be blunt and forward.

After reviewing the evidence, I have concluded the following:
During the first shot (sniper), you can see your teammate die at the window, showing that there is someone in the hallway - however - the shots can be hit from anywhere up and down the length of that hallway and the killer could have been point blank, or on the other end, so you’d have no way to judge how close the person is. Because of this, you - as the sniper - shouldn’t have been able to aim and shoot the one perfect shot that killed the enemy, unless you had an advantage such as UAV, Advanced UAV or a cheat. Since there was no UAV up at the time, it is incredibly suspicious that you knew the exact shot to take.

In the second part, I can understand that you may hear the enemy walking around that area, but they could have been either above (on the same level) or below, leading to an issue in judging where they should be standing, as they could have been on the upper level and behind the wall. Instead, you turned around, started going down the stairs and started prefiring before the enemy was invisible, which you shouldn’t have known unless (once again), you had some sort of advantage.

Long story short, the evidence appears to be VALID against you, and the ban WILL stay, unless you can provide evidence showing otherwise, which can include videos from that game. If you do not provide sufficient evidence shortly, your appeal will be denied and the thread locked.

Thank you.

I said yet the shot with snipe is a luck shot. In the same match I remember I hit a player while I was blinded with smoke.
I can’t explain the second shot, the “proof” is only a killcam of my enemies but I can hit him for 1000 reasons (his teammates kill me before by his same spot, I see some shoot around the corner,…) I don’t know.
Ban me for this reason is ridiculous as the request to me to show my proof I’m not hack. How can I proof this? I not record my gameplay. Ridiculous

You said on your appeal that you have played for around 3 years. I guess that’s a long time for you not to know how to record or how to take out your DEMO file from your game directory.

3 years behind a computer and you don’t know how to do none of that? Pathetic excuse.

Here is something else for the staff to look at…

<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”>;</LINK_TEXT>

I don’t record my gameplays, I canto know that a player can accuse me of hack. Btw in this clip I see only a player who don’t know how shoot. Everyone can see that my enemy shoots and no hit me, i shoot and hit my enemy; what’s wrong? That only a demonstration that my enemy sucks to aim and shoots

And yes, I play this game for 3 years, I play with gaboo , dinolatta, pokz, emija (emiya?), lightening, minotti too and other players who can say I never hack. Someone maybe don’t remember me but other can say I’m an honest player

Wait. I remember that in a game an admin spec me after a player report me, “requis” maybe is his name. He said I don’t hack in game. He can demonstrate I don’t hack maybe. No?