Ban Appeal Mr.Wall-E

Ban Appeal Form from Mr.Wall-E

In-Game name:

Response: AW|Mr.Wall-E

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 10/29/2018

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I play like every single day on this server, but I use DFX sounds and I allways turn on my DFX before start the game but today I turn it on inside the server an I thing thas the reason why I got Ban. (DFX its just a sound mixer to hear steps its not a hack) thanks

like i say before, I just use DFX to better sound I dont use Hacks… thanks

“(DFX its just a sound mixer to hear steps its not a hack)”

I’m not a Modern Warfare 3 admin, but that’s still using a program to gain an advantage over enemies, which is not allowed on our servers.
Regardless, Modern Warefare 3 admins have been notified and will respond soon.

Can I see the rulen on the srver>>??

Cuz DFX audio Mixer is not illegal on any server…

Rules are above, click/paste link in browser to read.
As for that, any other things you were doing at the time? Other programs or mods?

As far as I know we do not have a rule that explicitly says “no dfx allowed”, but that’s not why you were banned anyways so I don’t understand why you’re bringing that up.

You were banned for wallhack, so I will ask the admin who banned you to provide proof.

nothing about DFX :sir:

Why should we unban you:

this is why Im tookin about DFX… cuz that the only shit I use!!!

And when the “Admin” bann me he didn’t put the reazon why I got ban

Clearly fucking not if you were banned for wallhacks :laughing: The MW3 admin who banned you will be with you shortly.

Yes, nothing about dfx… again thats not relevant so I don’t get why you bring it up.

You were banned for wallhack, just wait for the admin who banned you to reply with proof. We aren’t going to unban you just because you say weren’t using wallhack. Just be patient and wait for evidence to be uploaded.

Dude… Im sick and tired of these people fucking this game with all their shits to have advatage on others… If you use any shit out of the game should be considere hack here.

still waiting… :dumb:

Dude I use DFX for every single shit on my pc, it’s like you tell me that wearing headphones is considered a hack…

soo pretty much u guys bann me for nothing

I love it…!!

Honestly, about to tell you to shove it up your ass and have a nice life. You used an external application that is not provided by the original developers nor the approved developers. You were running an application that was not approved. Instead of asking if it was ok, you ran it and now feign ignorance or the lack of it being made clear an issue on our end. Not only that, you proceeded to be a fucking smart ass thinking you somehow have any ground to even post on here without our good graces. This is not a democracy. The original ban may have been for wallhacks and will need to be proven, but you being a twat doesn’t have to be and can be issues at any time indefinitely. So keep it the fuck up, smart ass. Let’s see how far that gets you.

FUCK YOU and ur fuckin server dude, you got no prove to bann me (cuz im still waitin for the screemshoot)
soo you can get ur fuckin server and eat it fuckin fat ass.

Ban AppealDENIEDHave a nice day! :slight_smile: