Ban Appeal mrcris

Ban Appeal Form from mrcris

In-Game name:

Response: mrcris

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 4/26/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I never cheat, hack, or anything like that.
I installed the game one week ago and ins the only game I play.
I’m not even have a good rate kill/death and I’ve been banned without reason or warning.
I’m just complaining because I really like the server and is the fastest one with the more people every day.

The ban was a today 4/26/17-------------
Type Ban
Reason wall hack YASSIN
Issued by yassin2k
Expires never

Duration 0 seconds
Time Edited April 27th, 2017 02:14 AM

Please release the ban. Thanks.

thanks for the ban appeal.

Yassin will get to you shortly with his proof.

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I think he’s hacking.

[quote=yassin2k post_id=5017 time=1493339662 user_id=91]
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Can I see from your perspective?

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I still think he’s hacking.

My Thoughts:

You had a guy laying down in front of you, shooting, and you was shooting as well. You can easily see the bullets from the Player’s perspective which in my eyes gave away your position. also to mention that it’s a common spot to shoot when players are camping in that building. I do it all the time. Also if you see his XLRStats, he has negative k/d a normal hacker would have a higher k/d. It’s fishy at first, but the more you analyze the the whole clip/situation it makes more sense. Your bulletz have you away, and you didn’t have a scliencer so he could’ve seen you on the map. same for the guy laying down.

those are my thoughts on it.

you’re forgetting the fact that he shot precisely at me plus he followed me with his gun

i think he’s hacking :dance:

lmao I do it all the time man. if someone is behind a wall and I can clearly see there bullet’s, I make an educated guess of where they are, it’s what most people do. don’t forget the fact you didn’t have a silencer on your mp7 as well, you could’ve shown up on the radar which doesn’t help your case of being seen lmao.

I don’t think he is hacking. his xlrstats states he isnt a hacker, it a common spot, you wasn’t being quiet and the dude below you didn’t help you either.

again my thoughts.

Hello guys and thanks for replying.

About the video I believe that’s something everybody do when they see shoots from a window “shoot a little back or randomly” I also don’t think that’s me because of the gun… I don’t have that red cammo yet, the one when the player respawn. (I’ve been playing for 2 weeks since my last reinstall - 0 stats),

I’ve been a programmer / data analyst for more than 10 years, I’m old enough to have that childish attitude / not playing fair, and I’m playing COD since COD:MW4, I don’t cheat, I don’t like cheater, and that’s why I like this server, because of the good work you do, if you have a way to look for my name / profile in Gamatracker get my player history and I assure you won’t see anything like that.

Thank you all for your points of view. I’m complaining because I like the server and I really hate to be called something I’m not.

If you reject my appeal that’s fine at least for other player do a little more of research. I’ll be sad to play slow / full of cheaters servers.

Thanks for hearing me out.
-Cristian / mrcris

Thank you!

By the way, I love your profile picture VODKA… O.O

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yassin2k - I don’t want to doubt your credibility and my apology if I cause you any trouble.

I can’t stop looking at this video. It really says mrcris in the player name? it is blocked by the video recorder but the letters doesn’t match… they start with an A… I think.


haha thanks man :slight_smile:

Also @yassin just go back in the demo and hit f1 to hide the hud. just take a screenshot of the player there and should solve this lol.


Not enough proof