Ban appeal : MrTardoss

In-Game Name: MrTardoss

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: I really don’t know, probably in the first half of 2020

Admin That Banned You: No idea, i’m sorry

Any Comments You May Have:

Hello everyone ! :slight_smile: I recently tried to connect and play on your cod4 servers. I think the last time i played was around first half of 2020, i kinda stopped playing cod4 and found my enjoyment on other games. Now that i’m back on this nice call of duty, i wanted to try to play on your servers. That’s how i figured out i was banned.
I remember that i used player skins at some point (changing the colors of the characters so it’s easier to see them) which is considered as hacking on most of the servers (and i agree with it). I understand that it’s an unfair advantage and that the punishment i got from it is deserved. I’m of course sorry if i used this and i can promess that i won’t do it again.
Since this happened a long time ago, i can’t exactly remember when i was banned and i have no information about who banned me (sorry about that).

The reason i’m writing this ban appeal is because i think it’s been long enough since i got banned. Asking for a second chance might be a bit too much but i’ll surely not get any results if i don’t try :wink:

So here is my response to this old ban. Thank you for reading me. Have a nice day ! :slight_smile:

Hi there and thanks for your appeal.

Your reason for why you think you are banned is correct, the evidence posted below confirms that you changed skins to allow you to see players in a bright color. At the bottom left, we can also see “RECORDING: demo0182: 390k”, which is obviously not a HUD element of the normal game, so that could be a copy of demos or sharing of demo files showing your cheats.

Because of the clear proof that you are cheating, your ban will remain as we have a zero tolerance for cheaters on our servers, as is shown by our Server Rules and frequent “Bot” or “System” messages repeating those rules (One of which states: “Cheaters will be banned, don’t be a dumb fuck”)

Ban stays.

//Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked