Ban Appeal mzry

Ban Appeal Form from mzry

In-Game name:

Response: uralreadydead

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 3/7/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Skidrow

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was banned for no reason at all apparently. When I try to join this server, I am given no reason, and there is no reason nor is there any substantial proof that I should have been banned. I was not warned before hand, as a matter of fact, it seems as if I was banned due to unjustifiable bias. If there is “proof”, I’d love to see it, and I’ll prove myself that I am not cheating. Thank you.

What bias do you think exists?

After alreadydead’s ban was issued with “proof” (I wouldn’t dare call that 20 second clip “proof” by any means, just nitpicking the first thing he saw in my opinion), I decided to hop into “NBS Terminal” by myself to show Antagonist how fast I could shoot with my trigger finger compared to how fast he could shoot with his, to find out that Gingy coincidentally joined at the same time as me his friend (his name was FakeFriend). After a while, Antagonist (alreadydead) figures why not join since it would be a 2v2. As we played, I also noticed that FakeFriend spectated us to, I assume, see if we were cheating or using anything like scripts or had norecoil so he could let Gingy know. After the match, we win, they leave one after another, and we did considerably well against them, not exactly trying, because it was late and we were burned out from playing for a couple hours. Antagonist figured not to use the FAL like I did because he did not want to instigate the situation further because of his accusations. I admit, I was a little toxic, but I was pretty irritated by the fact that my friend got banned after what had seemed like both Gingy and him had no issue with each other, combining that with the fact that I was pretty exhausted at the time. Now let me just say, I would LOVE to see the ban reason stated for banning me ESPECIALLY not having proof, because if this ban was for having association with Antagonist, that is COMPLETELY unfair. There is NO REASON AT ALL for a ban to be just all because I happen to be friends with a player that got falsely accused for “multihack”.

The “toxicity” I showed whilst playing on the Terminal 24/7 server was merely poking at the fact that Gingy carried out such a decision with mediocre proof. And I have my own suspicions against him and his friend for scripting which is hilarious but I’m putting that aside for now since it wasn’t on a NamelessNoobs server so its really just whatever. Antagonist has his demos for ALL of his matches and so do I (if they do not end up glitching out/disconnecting us, thus preventing us from viewing the entire thing). It seems like I have to go through a ton of work just to get a ban appeal for cheating/toxicity/whatever it may be, but we actually prefer playing on your server compared to others once it populates.

And for the record, I doubt the admins/moderators even evaluated his video/proof that he posted on his appeal, and the fact that they’re going over a 20 second clip of not even getting FIVE KILLS just tells me that both of our bans are biased. This whole entire thing could have simply been avoided if he allowed us to show him proof over Teamviewer/Discord screensharing.

Its completely up to the headadmin or whoever ultimately decides the outcome of our bans to handle this however he/she wants to. We’d like to be unbanned and we can show whatever proof we can provide for you guys.

Actually, you guys followed Gingy and Fake friend, not the other way around. I have talked to both of the people who were there (Gingy and Fake Friend) and they both tell me the exact same story. You guys followed them, then started to hack. You both then ask for Fake friend’s jitter mod, which he only used to retaliate against you guys. If you wanna supply a demo or recording of the ENTIRE game, feel free to do so. I would love to see this

You’ll only be seeing it from my POV. If anything, as a matter of fact, if you want we can make this an even bigger deal. Make them both supply demos of their games too. I’ll gladly do the same and Antagonist will too once he wakes up.

Please refer to the ban appeal if you’re talking about your ban.

I haven’t fallen asleep just yet because i’m a bit worked up over this tbh.

I would really like to see some evidence of us supposedly hacking on NBS. And mzry was pretty obviously asking for the jitter thing sarcastically to point out how obvious it was.

When I do get to sleep and wake up I’ll get some footage of the NBS game off theater if I can. This is getting really insane at this point, I really like your servers and I would like to play there again but it’s like i’m getting railroaded with a bunch of stuff I just plainly did not do and then have my friend banned by association when neither of us did anything. I have every intention of getting along with you guys so I mean no disrespect but this is actually messed up right now.

We’re both willing to do anything we can to prove we’re legit. You can literally watch us stream the game live.

Thread closed, this is just a bitchfest and has no real point to be made that hasn’t already been made on the actual ban appeal.