Ban Appeal NamedNoobs0

Ban Appeal Form from NamedNoobs0

In-Game name:

Response: Jung, Byung Sin

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/8/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Broadcast

Why should we unban you:


Just a while ago I was playing in COD4 MW1 Namelessnoobs Broadcast server and in chatting someone said caught you Hacker something like that I didnt have time to answer or do anything… may be there was admin in the server but this is absolutely ridiculous. All i did was use Heavy Machine Gun and shot targetting walls these are predicted shots. If you play Broadcast many times it is very obvious outside sniping zone and inside second floor is where enemies can come besides we had UAV radar. At last i had too much Ammunition so i was planning to use them all. Look!! i dont install hacking program and i dont even know how to use them. I played many times is Broadcast map. Besides my score was 5kill 19death what all hacking accusation came from?? Hello admin please reconsider this Global Ban i am purely no hacking player i swear GOD. I dont like hackers eaither and with too much ammunition i try to have advantage over wall through shots in prediction. Would you please reconsider this Global Ban. If this thing goes on like this nobody would do any predictions this is really weird… Of all i was never accused of hacker when playing game just today only now… My nickname is Jung, Byung Sin

Thanks for appealing.

Thanks to fade.

that is not texture hacks >.<;; it is skins;; We can change models skins at your taste and my computer has low video card ans i have to play in high ping servers so i tried to lower the details of models sorry for that…

can yo please tell me can i play again?

No problem! :smiley:

I don’t care that you can change models it gives you an unfair advantage against other players, we don’t allow that.
Either you change it or you’re staying banned.

I am very sorry I will turn off these skins I am so sorry for that… I didnt know its not allowed in here I will be careful with that and from now on I will take of these skins sorry

Plz give me a second chance I will take off those skins…

Second Chance given.

note; this wont happen next time.

Good guy, count your lucky stars. :smiley:

Skins are allowed, just my two cents, next time ask higher admins to make a call or ask for Advice before you look like you are a Novice Admin who bans for non hacking issues which any Admin could have told you wasn’t a hack, just saying.
Any Admin here would have helped you before you made a bad ban.

Skins are allowed to a certain extent yes, but not when it gives you an unfair advantage against other players for example this guy.
Other admins agreed upon the ban so he was banned however Avi asked to give him a second chance so we did.

P.S i am DeadWeight.

Scroll through the screen shots guys, you’ll see hacks and skins, when you get ban crazy it looks bad for NN, this was an easy one, old Admins would have un-banned him as soon as they saw the screen shot, sadly i didn’t have time to get you new guys straight before my real life bit me in the ass, I’ll offer advice if needed, if Storm gives me a few weeks to get my PC fixed I’ll be here if yall need any help.

You’re welcome to come back any time so chill :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope everything gets solved with your family, take care and good luck.

I agree, but this was something brought up earlier (months ago), Storm said skins were allowed,can’t ban for something the owner allows, i feel the same way about scrolling but… it’s allowed, we ( not me at the moment) have to follow the rules set by the owner, he seems to be doing well so I can’t argue with his logic lol.

And thanks Lithium/AKA SexyBitch, main reason I got away from Discord is I didn’t have a clue who I was talking to any day of the week, everyone changed their names like underwear, never saw you and been here 2 years, kinda clueless who I’m even talking too anymore here and that’s kinda screwed up, hell, I was Head Admin and readily admitted I was venting but I never had a clue who the hell I was Venting too.

P.S i am DeadWeight.

I’m gonna go kick the shit out of the neighbors cat, love you guys but holy mother of God, you confuse this old sumbitch :astonished: