Ban appeal Noahthewale

In-Game Name: nohthewale

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Feb 20 @ 8;00pm EST

Admin That Banned You: unknown

Any Comments You May Have: Banned on MW2 Nuketown for “Rule 9: Hacking”, never been a hacker never will

Hello there and thanks for the appeal! You appear to have been banned for “wall hacks”. However seeing how you put “never been a hacker, never will” anyone could say that. Though I have been speccing you for a bit and your plays are rather suspicious, even caught one on stream. I’m willing to give the benefit of a doubt because it is Nuketown, but given how you seem to know where ninja users are at, it kinda makes me wonder if you are cheating. Here’s a clip from the stream

Hey man,

Yeh I wasn’t sure what to put in the message so fair enough anyone could say that. Could you relink the twitch stream? It’s not loading for some reason…

Tbh I have no idea who has Ninja and who doesn’t, although I guess there is no way unless you’re spectating? I assume that’s one of the ways you use to detect hackers though.

Not sure how to prove I’m not hacking, happy to chat about suggestions though.

Yeah I can’t get the link to work on here but if you’re in our discord server, I’m willing to discuss it

//Locked player ubanned.