Ban Appeal ontheperc

Ban Appeal Form from ontheperc

In-Game name:

Response: ontheperc

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/20/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: yo everyone reading this, don’t follow in my foot steps and read the rules because chryssi is rutheless :troll: but for real just read the rules and don’t be dumb like me, gets u farther in life <3

Hi! Thanks for your appeal.

I was the banning admin and I banned you for 6 hours for Racism. The details are provided below.

During my time invisible on the server, you came out with the racial remark “nigga”. Screenshots are provided as proof:

(Full size)

For the rest of the duration, Envious has been chat muted for their excessive vulgarity, but you had not been punished until a short while later after I had finished watching what I needed to watch.

For the admins, I’d also like to mention that the user appealing their ban also attempted to lie to me via Discord Private Messaging. Proof below.

Since your ban is for 6 hours, and most of the admins are currently asleep/busy/otherwise unavailable, I would like the ban to stick for now. However, that is down to the discretion of the higher ups.

well i would like too say as i said nigga is not racist and it can be taken by people diffrent ways as i take it isint racist and which i did not lie too you, because i dont belive its racist but as ur views it apparently is, it was a mistake made by me because people said it all the time on the server and nothing happened. if you are going to target me and ski for it i belive you should check chat logs and ban everyone else who has said it or else you are targeting. as i said it was a mistake i made by admins not doing their job and banning everyone else who said it and me knowing that the word isint racist

Users who are caught being racist are banned aswell, whether an admin sees them or they are reported with viable proof. For example, a user was banned by myself permanantly around 4 days ago for being racist. We do not discriminate, target or otherwise “pick on” people. If we see it happen, we respond.

but why do you guys have to see it, if you are going to make it a rule you should enforce it by going through chatlogs instead of you only seeing it? this is just lazy work of an admin and i hate too be rude but i just belive this is really unfair to me and ski when we both view the word nigga that people use all the time which isint racist as a racist term

and may i have proof of me being toxic after the raid earlier or are you not going to give it too me?

as your job of being an admin you should be check chat logs and applying the rules and banning people but you only get on once in a blue moon and then ban me i see that as targeting people and not doing ur job as an admin

I - personally - do not have the time available to sift through mounds of chatlogs on this server, especially when raids happen or have recently happened, as this is when chatter happens the most. I have a job to work, friends and family to be with and I even do stuff on the side such as volunteering. I can understand you see it as “lazy admining”, but I assure you, it’s not. If we catch people, they are punished.

Please restrict any further comments for other admins who may handle your ban. As for now, the ban will remain unless a higher up becomes involved.

can we please have a higher up involved?