Ban Appeal PerNaLonGa

Ban Appeal Form from PerNaLonGa

In-Game name:

Response: [-ST-]PerNaLonGa

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 2/11/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was banned from the server, because they claimed that I used WH, but if they check my frag, they will see that I do not use it, I always inform other players. and even on the day he had informed the universe player he was using … I do not know why I was banned. I always play on your server and I have always respected the rules there and would like to continue playing on the server because I really like the place.

Someone to help me? I do not use hacker and would like to continue playing on the server. I always respected the rules there.

Proof will be posted soon.
We apologize for the delay.

The video explains itself brother. You getting shot from the window and you start shooting through the wall aiming straight at the “satan” guy. You can’t be more obvious than that, plus people were accusing you of following some people through walls. I have to give you props though, you know how to play it really well but i was just waiting for the time where you were going to fail.

+1 for Wet.

at the moment, I received a shot and I shot in places from where the shot could have come and also in the minimap the location of the shot, I continued firing until hit. It was not a wall, it was luck even the fact, if I was shooting at satan, as you said and if I were on the wall I would have seen the one who killed me from behind and something else, the UNIVERSE itself was a hacker and for several times I reported this and no one went to see the case.

The video contradicts your argument. You were shot in the back and then you start spraying 90 degrees to your left. How could the shot have possibly come from there?

Also, saying that you would’ve seen the guy behind you if you had wallhacks does not make sense. Of course it won’t show him he’s not even on your screen, assuming you’re not playing with 360 FOV.

I do not even have the benefit of the doubt, after all if you see my scores have always been well below the top of the server, and only in this event that you think I was wearing something banned me, the funny thing is that for a phase I was luckier I was punished unjustly.

But thank you anyway for your attention.

Ban appeal denied.