Ban Appeal Plomf-

Ban Appeal Form from Plomf-

In-Game name:

Response: Plomf

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 10/31/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown / Skidrow

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was banned for suspected cheating, but I wasn’t cheating and never have in any online game.

I’d like to review your demo files to see if the anti-cheat was possibly wrong in your ban. If you can post those here that’d be great.

How do I access those? I’m in the “demos” folder but I don’t know what these files are and I can’t open them in any program.

Hello there.

Demos are automatically (unless you manually disable them) recorded throughout your IW4x gameplay. They are located within the IW4x files and can be viewed by anyone providing they have the files. To share the files, please upload the demo of the game in which you were banned so that we can review them, they are located in the Demos folder and consist of two parts. a “.dm_13” & a “.dm_13.json”. You need to upload both of these files or else the demo is corrupted and cannot be played. If you’re unsure what game you were banned in, you can check the demos in the MW2 Menu under “Theater”.

Please upload both files to this post either by using the forums inbuilt attachment system (inside the “Full Editor and Preview” tab under your Quick Reply box) or by uploading to an external site such as MEGA, Dropbox, Google Files etc etc.

Once the files are uploaded, an Admin can review them and get back to you. If there’s an issue with the game and the anticheat made a mistake, we can unban and rectify the issue. If you are caught cheating, cannot upload the demos (due to deleted files/disabled demos etc) or refuse to upload, the ban will stay.

Thank you.

Can you contact me at my discord linked to my account? It shows my demo folders in my files program but not in your attachment button. I should be able to send them through discord but this website won’t even let me link a screenshot of what it’s showing me. I cannot drag the demo folders in as it says it is an invalid attachment, even though it is the dm_13 and dm_13.json files you requested and of the right match.


Very strange… sorry about that.

Could you perhaps join the Discord Server for us ( ) and check the #cod channel out, you can attach the files there and either @MyChrysalis#0238 or the head-admin for the game @GingerIsFire, that way we can review them. Due to timezones (I live in the UK), it’s very early in the morning for me (5:33am) and I need to get some sleep, but I promise to review them as soon as I awaken unless another admin gets it first.

I’ll ask the owner about getting that error fixed later, thank you for bringing it up.

Update: User has provided Demo Files, however the files provided on Discord do not match the game in which they were banned.

If you still wish to appeal, you’ll need to provide the correct demo files. You sent the file “auto_1634110440” which was a file of you playing Rust in Free for All, but you were banned from our NukeTermRow server which does not contain Rust or Free for All. To assist, you’re looking for the file that happened at the ban time and date which was 11/1/21 at 3:09am UTC, but you’ll need to convert UTC to your own timezone for the right match.

Please share the files either in Discord again or through a file share like MEGA, Dropbox or Google.


Update again: It’s been a couple weeks now and the files requested have still not been given. I respect that you’ve contacted us before, however until we get the files from that match, we cannot unban. Please read my post above this one to share files and open a new appeal or rejoin the Discord and contact me again.

//Appeal Denied (Incorrect Demo Files Provided)
//Thread Locked