Ban appeal Pope Tupung Bre

In-Game name:
Pope Tupung Bre

Date and approximate time of banning:
18 or 19 june 2021

On what server you got banned:
can’t remember

Why should we unban you:
I haven’t cheated in any way

Please have a look.

Thank you

Hello Pope Tupung Bre.
Thank you for your appeal.

You were permanently banned for Rule #9: No use of any hacks or exploits.


Thank you for your reply.

I haven’t broken rule #9.
I played in decent shape on the 18th of june and a guy reported me. I just saw on the stats website that an admin banned me. Please, if possible, take another look into it.
I’m used to doing somewhat fast target switching, try a lot of prefire and use high fov in both hipfire and ads (possible since last major update), so I guess that may have made things look suspicious

Hello Pope i was the one that banned you we going to look closer in to it you hear back from us

Greetings Jessie


Thank you!

You’ve been unbanned, let us know if you have any problems reconnecting to our servers.


It works fine.

Thank you!