Ban Appeal: Revo

In-Game name: Revo

Date and approximate time of banning: 3/31/2017

On what server you got banned: NN Lockdown TDM

Why should we unban you:

I got banned for macroing the MK14. I have a good trigger finger coupled with the rapid fire attachment which increases the firecap to approx. 650RPM. Also killcams make it shoot faster than it actually does. If anyone wants me to record proof of me NOT macroing I am more than happy to.

Thats true +1

lmao im not even sure macro is considered a hack but uh, yeah, send a video… +1 if you do :slight_smile:

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What would make that video more unique is if he recorded his finger. Because honestly the way you constantly kept clicking made it sound like a sound clip stuck on repeat.

But ya heres the proof on how i believe this isnt a trigger finger. Its constant and never messes up. I have pro friends who know how to play COD and well this just doesnt fit the book. <LINK_TEXT text=“ …”>;</LINK_TEXT>

And yes its in third person cause the live gameplay messed up with audio. So i had to re record it in theatre

How about the way he talks to me in discord? And how about how he thinks spectating a hacker is useless?

In the first screenshot hes seen pming me about his ban. Then blatantly states my decision making is retarted.

In the second screenshot i let him know i will be uploading his chat to the ban appeal since this still applies to his ban appeal but i do believe you need to be respectful to admins inside and outside the game correct? Take a look
In this third screenshot you can clearly see how he thinks im stupid. So in all actuality the disrespect towards this kid is terrible. He needs to lose his attitude.

Well people tend to get mad when they are falsely banned. Not saying what he said or did is right but unfortunately​ you banned for an invalid reason. I say remove the ban.

Weird, never seen this before.
On a fair note: disrespecting admins is not allowed and you just did that, it doesn’t matter if it’s in-game or out of the game it’s still against our rules.
Although personally i’d unban i’ll leave this to HippieYoda or NetWork to solve :slight_smile:

Good luck with your ban appeal

When you get banned for something you didn’t do, and even if I did do it, something you don’t get banned for you tend to get pretty annoyed…

But you stated yourself in discord that spectating a hacker isnt correct. I spectated you watched you shoot and theres no way you would have just shot the gun that fast even with rapid fire on. And to top it off it was a consistent speed it wasnt changed and no one can shoot at a consistent speed like that.

I gave you proof. Much better proof than what you gave me. Theatre/Spectator mode tickrate is rubbish and therefor not accurate. You’re the only person here that thinks I macro. Try out the MK14. Spam it as fast as you can then go back to theatre and you’ll see that it shoots faster. Stop being so stuck up; and admit you were wrong for once. You don’t understand how often I get banned from servers on Tekno, and NN was one of the last servers I could play. Thanks for taking away my fun.

So i mean telling an admin that im stuck up? Kid you havent seen me stuck up before. So anyways I suggest you kind of watch how you talk to me on a ban appeal. Seems like your always getting banned on Teknomw3? This is probably one of those reasons. Im done here anymore disrespect you want to give towards me or are you done complaining?

Revo is clean and next time he insults a member he is getting banned.