Ban Appeal Sheppard

Ban Appeal Form from Sheppard

In-Game name:

Response: Sheppard

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/16/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Broadcast

Why should we unban you:

Response: Hi,

I’ve been playing COD 4 for 10 years with a skin on a character and it’s the first time I’ve been banned for that.
Being a Stargate fan, I tried to customize the Marine uniform. I tried to do a Stargate outfit.
I deleted any skin that could have caused this ban even if I don’t know which skin made me ban.
My ID is: 2310346615333288143.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there. Your ban was indeed for using client side skins to customise character models, however the skin(s) used allowed you to see your teammates much more clearly on their clothes (Note that the players skin, head and body armor has not changed).

As this is a matter for the CoD4 team, I will leave it in their capable hands to decide, but thank you for your appeal.

Screenshot provided below:

Hi Sheppard, also here we have these, you also have colored green the marines skins, you can see there is a red dot in the middle of your screen. I banned you and provided the evidence, but I’ll let my superior handle this.
It is indisputable that it is an unfair advantage that allows you to see others better


For the Team Opforce skin, I have no excuse except that it was to take out the campers lying in the grass at one time.
For the Team Marines skin, I told you that I tried to have a Stargate uniform which in addition only works if I am near another player.
When the player is away, I see the Team Marines skin normally, I don’t even know why. (See picture)
For what you call a Red Dot, it’s just a passing grenade right now and it’s red because I put on a pokeball skin because it made me laugh.
In short, I removed the skins on the players and the grenades.
If you allow me again, what are the server rules? So that I don’t break them again.
For example, are weapon skins allowed?


Screen remove skins:

Since you weren’t directly using a hack, and since skins are easy to see in a screenshot and therefore easy to catch and re-ban if necessary, I am willing to give you a second chance so long as you keep the skins off.

We allow skins that effect ONLY your player or weapon, but nothing that effects other players or their weapons.
If it happens again though, the ban will not be lifted next time.

Thanks Chryssi and Nestor for the screenshots.


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