Ban Appeal soldier.624

Ban Appeal Form from soldier.624

In-Game name:

Response: soldier.624

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 6/20/2018

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Skidrow

Why should we unban you:

Response: Used stinger glitch , an unknown admin without NN tag warned, i used it once afterwards then stopped, i asked him smth then he kicked me eventhough i stopped!!!

Hi! Thanks for your appeal.

So I’ll start off the comment by saying that the ban you’re appealing for is a permanant ban brought on after a warning of this issue before. What I mean by this is, on the 3rd of May, you were warned to stop performing the Stinger “Dead Man Hand” glitch and only after the possible chance of a ban, you stopped your actions. This was recorded down in text however, incase any issues were to arise from it.

Earlier today, the admin who banned you (Me) had joined the server under a different name to watch a user who had been marked as suspicious (but had gone offline) and I happened to spawn in right next to you (carrying a stinger) and running out into enemies. I asked you to stop twice (to which you didn’t respond, presumably due to my lack of NN tags) and you were subsequently banned. I understand it may feel wrong, especially as I was not wearing my NN tags at the time, but due to your previous warnings in the past, I felt it was required to bring the ban to a Permanant.

Upon chatting with a higher up, we may be able to lower your ban to a Two Week period, but please be aware that any further rule breaking after that may result in a permanant ban. I’ll resume chatting to them to see what can be done.

The link for the proof of you doing said glitch is provided here:

two weeks ?? why? it’s not a wallhack or an aimbot, it’s a glitch existed in the game which other servers have removed it, i used it only once i dont use it all the time, a glitch in my opinion is worth a single kick why the perm ban ? 1st a warning 2nd a kick 3rd a ban thats how as far as i know it’s done, not like i’m telling you how to do it.
i come everyday, i was kicked and banned although i stopped when i was warned, after i stopped i asked the admin (with no NN tags) a ques then i got the kick and ban, two weeks why ? i feel this ban is unfair cause 1st i didnt know he was an admin due to NN tag ansence, 2nd kicked right after i stopped, it’s not wall or aim it’s a glitch in the game, i didnt know it’s worth a perm or two weeks ban, i have the right to be informed, got kicked and banned without knowing he was an actual admin.

The lack of NN tags is my fault and my fault alone, I accept that and have spoken to other staff about this and I am aware I’ll need to keep these on in the future, which I will do so from now on.

In light of your comments here and on the Discord, I am willing to have a senior member revoke the Permanent Ban and instate a Temporary ban instead, as long as you’re aware that this glitch cannot happen again, or else a permanent ban might be re-instated, but I cannot stress enough that you need to be aware of this, especially as you have previously been warned for this type of Glitch-Related behaviour in the past.

I’ll put in a request now for you and it should be active soon, as you’re still listed down as a Permanent Ban at this current point in time, so please bear with us while we make this change, thank you.


Your ban has been changed to a 24 hours ban. Glitching is clearly not allowed. You don’t need to know that there is no admin online, just don’t break the server rules.

Thank you.