Ban Appeal Stealth_9325

Ban Appeal Form from Stealth_9325

In-Game name:

Response: [ISI]theshocktrooper9325

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 12/22/2018

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN S&D Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: When attempting to join the server at approximately 2200 mountain time on 22 December, I saw a screen which contained the following text:
You have been banned from this server with the following reason: Enforced Global Ban: Autokick on SS appeal
Your ID is : [U:32:2492264571]
Banning admin ID is:
This is a permanent ban”

I have no awareness as to why this happened. I had been playing on the FFA server prior and joined other servers to test the “global ban” and I was able to connect just fine. This popped up out of nowhere, so to speak. Let me know if you need further information from me to discover the root cause. I don’t cheat/script/exploit/general idiot behavior so I was quite surprised to see this. Thank you for your time.

As of 2328 mountain time I am receiving the same message on the FFA server as well.

It means the server took a screenshot upon you joining. And your “hack” dodged the screenshot before it could be taken. Aka you were banned. Can you explain why your game would auto quit immediately after you join?

As far as the client quitting I have no explanation. On my end, I joined the server, and after loading I received the ban notice without ever seeing the class/team selection screen. I re-installed the game via CD, patched through 1.7 and have been playing without issue this week until this ban appeared. I have received mods from joining servers, namely: cod4i, leetmod18, and ModWarfare. Aside from these there are no modifications to the original client. That is the only possible source of interference I am aware of. Thank you for the prompt reply!

Did you use the name “theshockwife”? If that is the case, I have banned you from the server because when I tried to take an SS and at the same moment you left the server

I did not, my tag is [ISI]theshocktrooper9325. My wife plays as theshockwife, and her pc is in the same room as mine.

Currently seeing if I can get SS evidence of the “Autokick”. Sorry for the delay.

No problem, thank you for investigating. If need be I can provide a SS of the auto -kick screen I get.

Hi stealth,

We’ve decided to unban you and your wife. If you have trouble connecting still in the next few days, maybe uninstall the mods you use from other servers, make sure they’re off since maybe they have compatibility issues with cod4x.
Also, you can @me in our discord server if you’re still showing up as banned for a quicker response. Thank you.