Ban appeal: [$$]sYkHoTiK

in-game name: [$$]sYkHoTiK

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: 19/06/2016

about the time of ban: 17 : 30- 18:00

Admin That Banned You: lokmanJM

Any Comments You May Have:
one of its members has banned me for using a hack course . I’ve never used hacks and also have entered many times in your server and have had no problems . I would like to desbanearan me because I’m not a hacker . In addition, it pisses me off a lot because your server of tdm is the best of tekno and now there is none where play.
I am a member of AW clan and not use hacks . :frowning:
But I am saying that I do not use hacks . Just as I do not like to use them against me I do not use . Game legally and ye do not understand why I just get banned because I 've done 3 kills with ump45

Here’s for people that ask me why my game looks so weird.
There’s a command on the server, the command is !ft i use !ft 6 and then !ft 7.

As for the ban appeal here’s my proof.

tell me what you see in that video rare . I see nothing strange is that I sometimes retreat and also is not the first time playing against me there , at other times I called mr.spanish and i will play against you in your server more than 10 times and in all those sometimes you have not told me anything. I do not need hacks addition , it may seem a little more than enough person , but I consider good player and not resort to hacks to make good games .

If you’re trying to ask what hacks i see in this video then here’s your answer,

Bruh, why the fuck are you lying? I’ve been inactive for about a month now on MW3 due to some horseshit i had to deal with… SO… No you did not play with me more than 10 times and i don’t recall playing with someone named Mr.spanish EVER so yeah.

Oh really? Then stop using them.