Ban Appeal tarxar

Ban Appeal Form from tarxar

In-Game name:

Response: tarxar

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: Around 2/2/2022 don’t know for sure.

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN TDM

Why should we unban you:

Response: To start I am a controller player. I was using an auto sprint because my sprint button did not work on my controller, I have since got a new one. I did not feel that auto sprint was cheating as it has been a feature in cod since MW 2019. I can see it begin a problem since other players don’t have that option and or just zero tolerance policy. furthermore I do not use auto sprint on any cods that don’t have the option in game. I would more than appreciate an unban as you guys have the best servers and I love old cods. I did not mean any harm I apologies, it will not happen again.


How does your auto sprint work? What do you have installed? And how does it give you zero recoil?

It used the steam controller settings. My left analog stick emulated wasd keys and any time w was pressed it was set to also hit the shift key, thus sprinting every time I pushed my left stick forward. My steam controller settings did not adjust recoil or anything else. I understand if auto sprint is considered an advantage and don’t use it any more.

searched your IGN and found 3 accounts, seems like you got banned by the anti cheat system on mw3 for no recoil. Once you get banned on one of our servers you are banned from all of them.

Ban Appeal Denied

Makes zero sense I used an ACR on MW3 and that gun has zero recoil its self. If I was really Banned by the anti-cheat system I’m guessing it didn’t like the steam controller settings in general, it did have anti deadzone which got rid of the default .20 deadzone on old cods as we competitive cod players have been adjusting to rangers from .03-.10 since Cold War as its its a setting In-game.

I don’t use steam controller settings anymore and only use settings given to me in game.