Ban Appeal - Tavier

Hi there,

In-Game Name:

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:
7:00am (GMT+10:30) 10th of February 2020

Admin That Banned You:

Any Comments You May Have:
I returned to CoD 4 approximately one month ago, after rediscovering it still maintained a solid playerbase. I have connected to your TDM/S&D/Broadcast/Crossfire servers about 40-50 cumulative times. My ping is usually at around 250 as there aren’t many Australian servers of good quality. I’m an above average player but nothing exceptional.

As far as I am aware I had not received any warnings or had any suspicion towards my legitimacy, and upon attempting to log back in this afternoon discovered that I have been permanently banned. “Enforced Global Ban.”

I hope that this is in error and may be revoked.

My ID is 2310346617205042018.

Thanks for your time.

Upon reviewing some other ban appeal threads, I have come to the conclusion that my old custom skins are triggering your screenshot bot. I have cleared the folder and they are no longer applied. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks for your time.

Hello, you were banned manually from one of our admins for using bright red player skins. This is an unfair visual advantage and they are not allowed.

Since you removed the skins, your ban has been removed and you should be able to reconnect shortly.