Ban Appeal taykay47

Ban Appeal Form from taykay47

In-Game name:

Response: taykay47

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 10/12/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Maps

Why should we unban you:

Response: I literally joined the server for the first time in my life, (you can check my hours) and I spawned in, moved around for about 10 seconds then got booted with the message saying “you have been permanently banned from the server.” I’ve seen that this is been a problem for many other players so if you can reach back to me I’d appreciate it.

Last year the account Eric Cartman (which is you) was permanently banned by the anticheat. You’re connecting from a new name called taykay47 from the same IP address as Eric Cartman which as mentioned was banned last year hence why you’re getting booted.

If you’re banned on one of our servers from another game (example: BO2), it means you’re banned on our MW3 servers as well.

joining for the first time in his life, yet has the same name on discord as the one that got banned 1 year ago. RIP

Eric cartman is my brothers account and the only reason why I listed it is because I don’t have a discord of my own, why should I be punished for his actions, especially for something that’s not even on the same game, not to mention a whole ass year ago. So yes I technically have never logged on to any of your servers and to be frank, I’ve never heard of nameless noobs until I downloaded MW3 3 days ago. It’s the only server that’s active as of now so that’s why I’m a bit salty that I was banned. I know you guys are probably gonna keep me banned because of your tone in the last response, but if you need me to send any type of credentials to prove I’ve never cheated or even downloaded bo2 I will.

Only thing we need you to send is your brother to a rehab for cheaters.

Ban appeal denied.