Ban Appeal tbedford

Ban Appeal Form from tbedford

In-Game name:

Response: Soap

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 8/29/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Maps

Why should we unban you:

Response: I was banned for wallhacks because some salty kid died a few times to my EBR sniper . So he spectates me a few games and starts convincing everyone im cheating because im ultilizing my constant UAVs and im just aware of the games surroundings. For ex: on the map scapyard my teammate dies in the middle section of that plane and im by the truck but where the wall is, so obviously the guy is in there. I sprayed through the wall with my EBR with stopping power mind you and kills the guy that i very obviously new was in there as he just killed my teammate with an unsurpressed weapon and the guy spectating me yells at HACKSSSSS. Then the salty enemy team just joins along and starts reporting me as the guy teacges them how to report me. So for about 4 games he spectacted me and insisted on someone by the name “Dylan” do sometjing. He then says hes in discord with an Admin to get me banned. I then get banned. By rewatching my games or even actively watching me it is VERY easy to tell that kid is just another salty player abusing this report system and om a regulat decent player who just isnt retarded or clueless everytime i spawn in . Ive been playing since COD released on Xbox. im still on controller on PC and im just above average. Run my PC for any hacking software you want. Hell I could even 1v1 to prove im just not dumb at game. Oh not to mention the spawn points have been the same FOREVER so its very easy to aim down sight in a general area and within seconds someone will walk into my sights. Just review my gameplay

Would appreciate if you sent the demo files from the game and a game or two before the ban.

Hey There,

Sorry for late reply on my end.

Seems like you were banned by Gingy (aka [NN]Mafuyu) for Rule #9: No use of any hacks or exploits.

As gingy stated please provide us with you demo files of the game you received the ban on ((Will be in your iw4x directory, then under userraw, then demos)) and we will get straight too looking at your appeal

If you do have any other forum of evidence / claims of yourself not cheating ((Such as youtube live stream, twitch,ect)) please post in here as well


i followed your instuctions on how to get demo file i then clicked “attachments” below and tried to open the highlighted demo files so they can upload here but i keep getting this same error message. I even tried indivodually opening as well as dragging them over. Also im a regular guy and a regular gamer. No twitch or YT. But we I can do is just record last few matches that are saved in mw2 theater so we can all watch how basic skills it took in game. I can email it over cause file size would be big. Thats only thing i can think of to watch full game

Fixed try to upload them again.

Nice. It worked! ok so I dragged and dropped at least like 10. I’m more than glad to provide the actual gameplay footage of every game I played that night.
auto_1657777816.dm_13 (668 KB)
auto_1657777816.dm_13.json (106 Bytes)
auto_1657834109.dm_13 (93.2 KB)

Also let me know if it uploaded in the correct format.

We just need the demos from the game you got banned at.

I uploaded super old ones by mistake. This is last nights, Almost every game I played last night
auto_1661754347.dm_13 (1.4 MB)
auto_1661753585.dm_13 (1.54 MB)
auto_1661753585.dm_13.json (108 Bytes)

very last two demos seem to be the last game before i was banned

How long does it generally take to review these files?


would you mind uploading the other .json for the ‘auto_1661754347.dm_13’ one


hello just waiting on an update

oh i just seen u asked for another upload. no problem will do now

i believe this the one u asked for
auto_1661754347.dm_13.json (104 Bytes)

update? I am showing u exactly whatever u want because i am not a hacker or modder. Never have never will. Just a sweat at COD with a little bit of IQ.
Please allow me to show my last games leading up to the ban to further the transparency And openly show and prove the reports were false and this ban is completely ridiculous

I was banned same day no actually hours within this guy making the report. But unironically its taking days to review these files that I openly submitted to prove my innocence. Can we just please admit I was in fact wrongfully banned. So I can enjoy peacefully gaming how I was before all of this


Ban appeal approved, am in process of removing ban appeal bare with me