Ban Appeal - [ Tord]

Ban Appeal Form from TordYT

In-Game name: Name is on profile: Steam Community :: Maya (in game is now Hackerman)

Date and approximate time of banning: around 10pm GMT

On what server you got banned: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you: I’m seriously sorry for what I did while on the server. I’m autistic and I can barely aim, so I thought it could help. I made a stupid decision. I’m sorry, please unban me.

So you saying that you won’t do it again?

I wont, I promise.

Look kid, we don’t tolerate hackers in our servers. Will all due respect, If you are autistic stay away from games where you have to aim.

We know you won’t cheat on our server again because you won’t be able to play on our server again. Autism does not grant you a free unban or the right to cheat on our servers.

Ban appeal denied.