Ban Appeal Update

Hello NamlessNoobs community. Today I was granted my ban appeal that took several days maybe almost a little over a week to complete even after I openly submitted all documents asked of me. However I am extremely disappointed in staff member “Gingy” for banning me within the same hour some salty MW2 kid made a complaint because I was just simply better than him. What’s most disappointing is this Admin had 0 grounds of reasonable suspicion to ban me. I wasn’t picked up by anti cheat software (because I never had to use a cheat in my life) and this Admin failed to do his due diligence and investigate BEFORE banning me under these allegations which are now on full display as just that, a FALSE allegation. Furthermore there absolutely HAS to be some kind of penalty system in play for the players who join forces to get someone banned because he’s better than them (for ex, the mw2 player who went as far as talking to a mw2 admin in discord to convince he/she to ban me). The report system will just always be abused if this “False Report” penalty isn’t implemented. Cases like mine and I’m sure MANY others could all be avoided. Banning hackers is a must but the people who log on and receive HATE and are PUNISHED for just being good at a game is ludicrous . This really gave a bad look on this platform in my experience and again I am extremely disappointed. I’d hope some accountability is taken. An open apology from Admin “Gingy” would really go far here and bridge one less gap created in this community.

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As I said with your first appeal, I do sincerely apologise for the late reply and late action taking by my team on behalf of you appeal. This however does not give you the right to make comments towards my team, no matter how angry or frustrated you are.

We all have lives similar too yourself.

Now I do admit that Gingy was in the wrong, that is on us. But everyone makes mistakes throughout their lives, we just re look over it, see where we messed up and fix the error.

Lastly, I myself have fixed your ban perms and all should be a go from our side. If I do see this again, I won’t be so lenient

Thank you and have a good day