Ban Appeal Vendetta#_+Kid

Ban Appeal Form from Vendetta#_+Kid

In-Game name:

Response: Vendetta#_+Kid NOT VENDETTA!!! PLZ dont mistake me for him/her because “fade” showed me a pic of me walling in crossfire and i was banned on another map

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 22/12/2017

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN TDM Server

Why should we unban you:

Response: plz i would really like a second chance… btw it is not VENDETTA!!! its Vendetta_Kid plz i would really like a second chance!!! plz reply!

I don’t care what name you used. You got caught on one server and then tried to join another one.

Enjoy your lovely ban. :troll:

Stop wasting our time.