Ban Appeal wasp

I got onto Tekno MW3 today to try to get some nostalgia. When I tried to join the NamelessNoobs server (which is my favorite one) it said I was perma banned. I haven’t played in a while and I certainly don’t remember getting banned and I can’t think of a reason why I might be banned. I’m always respectful and have never cheated. My name on Tekno MW3 is wasp, thanks for your time and energy.

You were banned back in May, you don’t remember this at all?

It may not matter anyways because we’ve switched from B3, where your ban is, to a new system and that system does not have any record of you trying to join. You sure the name you tried to join with today was “wasp”?

Yes I have no recollection of ever being banned yeah it was “wasp.” I’ll try to join it again a couple more times.

Yep you still didn’t appear in the system. Normally it would show you getting kicked for being for being banned in our #serverbans channel on discord. If you search for your name on discord you will only see your original ban on B3 back in May.

So is this a server issue? If not is there anyway to see what I was banned for and is there anyway that I’ll be able to play on this server again?

You were banned in July 2019 for wallhack on our old system.

Ban appeal denied.