Ban Appeal Waterloo

Ban Appeal Form from Waterloo

In-Game name:

Response: Wotor

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 1/2/2022

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Maps

Why should we unban you:

Response: I dont even get why I was banned, just downloaded plutonium and tried to join, everytime I get insta ban. Dont know why. And i dont get a reason why i was perm banned. Nuketown 24/7

Hello, and thanks for the appeal.
I’m sorry, but I didn’t find any player called “wotor”.

Sorry, it is Waterloo, thought it was steam name

You were banned on our IW4x server and those bans transfer between all our game servers.

I never played IW4X i dont even have MW2, can i see the ban report from the IW4X server?

So how can i be banned from a server on an engine I’ve never played on. can someone with the same name have been banned and then i cant play? Or does it link to the steam? In either cases it dosent make sense…