Ban Appeal Why?

Ban Appeal Form from Why?

In-Game name:

Response: Why?

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 5/23/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Vanilla

Why should we unban you:

Response: I guess i was over the limit but i only am a 7 man

Good afternoon,

I was the admin that banned your team. Your base in M25 also has another 2 bases beside it. There is another smaller base that has CamelJoe on the front door, but also has 2 other people from your group on its TC, as well as the Boat base on the shore has 2 of your team mates on it, making it essentially a 9 man group. Once the Ban is up in 12 hours, wipe those people who arent supposed to be there off of your TC’s and it should clear this up. Fortunately first group limit violation is a 12 hour ban and you guys are free to resume playing once this is up (around 8:10am EST tomorrow).

I can see the problem

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Aspect was kicked from our group and i guess we didnt de auth him. and camel joe is our new 8th. my bads we do have 8 total

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this is a mistake by me not my team mates. I am sorry for this is their anything that i can do tp fix it? And i wanna explain a littel more so camel joe was a solo and he just got raided. we kicked aspect but didnt de auth. also we didnt 100% trust him so we didnt klet him move in our base. we built him a base near by
this is 100% a mistake on my end.

Ban time is up, user can reconnect to the server.

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