Ban Appeal Form from WMWMWMWMWMWMWMW

In-Game name:


Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 9/2/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN NukeRaidedJacked

Why should we unban you:

Response: How was i walling as the report said that was sent in? I was using an mms and looking through walls with it, all you have to use is cold blooded to counter it. besides nameless is the only populated server for snd. i just wanna play snd until sm2 comes out. Also s&d isnt under servers you were banned in so i put it under nukejacked

Love you

Thanks for making an appeal, I would like to mention some things. You stated on your appeal that you were banned on 9/02/21 for walls but according to the following video you were banned for the use of any hacks or exploits.

It seems as you and your buddy were both using silent aim or a jitter mod

I would also like to mention that according to our records, you did get banned on 9/02/21 but yet you connected on 9/03/21 and got banned again by another admin. I’m attaching both screen shots
[attachment=1]9-2-21.png[/attachment] This is from 9/02/21
[attachment=0]9-3921.png[/attachment] this is from 9/03/21, with the only difference being a clan tag added. On top of that you mentioned your buddy Kaleb in game chat on 9/03/21 which was banned on 9/02/21 using WWWW as a name. He was also told to make an appeal but never made it. Not only were you guys using exploits/jitter mods or silent aim but also bypassing bans. By the way the ISP related to you on 9/02/21 is the exact same as the one of 9/03/21, same location too

Nowhere in your rules does it say jitter isnt allowed. It says exploits, exploits being a glitch in a game that is used to gain an advantage. Jitter isnt an exploit, nor was I given a warning to stop.
The rules lack specifics.

I just want to play the most populated snd server, Kaleb and I will stop if it goes against the rules but nowhere was it stated that it wasn’t allowed. Should make that more clear as others do it to with no reports.

Let me get one last chance, He’s not going to appeal because everyone knows how it works.

Of course its the same location, It’s not like I can pack my bags and move to another state in 3 seconds.

Also, Biggy. You couldn’t have replied on Discord?

Every member of our staff would agree it’s an exploit, and a broken one at that. Your argument doesn’t hold up nearly as well as you’re hoping. In the end I’m not the head of BO2 and this is just my 2 cents.

Then it should be in the rules as exploit gives no specifics to what it is. Why is it that Rust can be specific but Bo2 cant?

It’s obvious to anyone that it’s an exploit. That much requires little logic to figure out. This is getting you nowhere to just wait until Biggy or another admin over BO2 is available.

You tell me to wait for a Bo2 admin, Why are you replying back then if you’re of no help being an admin for MW2?

According to Rust rules, stick to your own server.

It’s not an exploit if im spamming reload. didnt know i wasnt allowed to reload in NN

After reviewing the information posted, it’s quite obvious that you’re using a silent aim mod as is evident in the video at 0:44 when you manage to kill someone nowhere near the crosshairs (go frame by frame if you have to) and then snap to their head.

You and your friend were also banned for repeated ban evasion attempts, so you can try to comment about the silent aim/jitter all you want, you cannot deny constantly trying to bypass the ban when you kept getting rebanned everytime on rejoin.

Your ban appeal will not go any further.

//Ban Appeal Denied (Caught Cheating + Ban Evasion)
//Thread Locked