Ban Appeal WreckerCG

Ban Appeal Form from WreckerCG

In-Game name:

Response: TheVeryBigBoi

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 7/24/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown

Why should we unban you:

Response: Appealing again because I 100% wasn’t hacking and have been on that server for years. I always play like that and there are spots you always shoot. Everyone does it and at times you get lucky. If you watch other clips from my pov which I can’t provide I attempt everything.

There are definitely spots where you always shoot, I’m not denying that. The clips I provided in your previous appeal speak for itself. I’ll mention again, you were banned on our MW3 servers for previously hacking as well.


Look at it from only an mw2 perspective. forget about the other and please look at it again. I guarantee if we play again the same type of game would happen

As I stated in the previous appeal. The clips are sus enough that I’m not unbanning unless you supply your pov from the games in the clips.

I 100% wasn’t hacking hit how do I prove that now I’m not recording when I play.

You don’t have to record go into your iw4x game files look into userraw folder and find the demos and post the demo file and json from the time you got banned.

I’m very dumb I just realized that. I gotchu guys thanks for the help

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couldn’t upload the full vid since it crashed. I have all of the demo files and had to zip since it wouldn’t upload (2.06 MB)

Thanks we will get a admin to review them and get back to you.

Please provide the clip where you got banned. You provided 3, but these aren’t the matches where you got banned.

A week has passed and the user hasn’t responded, so I’ll close this one for now. If you’re still banned and want to reappeal, please open a new appeal and post the demo files of the game where you got banned. Thank you.

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