Ban Appeal yoursONmw3

Ban Appeal Form from yoursONmw3

In-Game name:

[color=#f3b230]Response: yours[/color]

Date and approximate time of banning:

[color=#f3b230]Response: 2/13/2021[/color]

On what server you got banned:

[color=#f3b230]Response: NN TDM[/color]

Why should we unban you:

[color=#f3b230]Response: it said i was “cheating” i woke up to being banned for some reason when I dont cheat , I play mw3 and bo2 plutonium this is my channel , no cheats, this is one of the only servers i would play on besides maniacos and V3X[/color]

You were banned on our iw4x Nuketown server so your ban carried over to other games. The ban was by the anticheat for no recoil. The anticheat does not return false positives for no recoil so you will not be getting unbanned.

Ban appeal denied.