Ban Appeal YTShring

Ban Appeal Form from YTShring

In-Game name:

Response: YTShring

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 6/6/2020

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Maps

Why should we unban you:

Response: I want a second chance at playing the servers. I will no longer cheat or hack on Any nameless noob server. My names have changed through each game and if you guys could plz tell me if you unbanned me at and let me know if u can unban me from all servers. Or something like that I also dont know what day i was banned it was like in january or something like that.

Can’t even find your account with the info you’ve given us. Regardless though we don’t unban someone who was caught cheating just because they are sorry because that would lead to people potentially not learning from it or just open up the risk of continued offenses. Sorry but the ban will be staying.

Hello there and thanks for the appeal.

First off, for safety and security reasons, I have edited your post to remove your email address. If we really, desperately needed to contact yourself, we would most likely use the email supplied in your account creation, which is hidden behind several security gates so that noone can access it. I hope this makes sense.

I searched your details and found the account you were banned on, which was originally named “TheRampyMan” and had other aliases too such as “TheRampMan”. You were originally banned by the anticheat after being flagged for snapping, to which you said in chat that you were confused as to how you were earning so many headshots. Due to the validity of the anticheat at that time and your comments in the ban appeal, I’m afraid that we cannot unban you as you were fairly caught to be cheating.

For any admins (or the banned user) to review, the username was “TheRampyMan” at the time of ban and the original ban was 64 days ago (Friday 3rd April 2020)

//Appeal Denied
//Thread Locked