Ban Appeal ZapdosVz

Ban Appeal Form from ZapdosVz

In-Game name:

Response: ZapdosVz

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 6/30/2019

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN Stock Map

Why should we unban you:

Response: it was actuallt namelessnoobs dlc, but its not on this list, and i have no idea why i got banned, i was playing, then left to run some errands and came back and was banned

Hi. You were banned for Ban Evasion, the first ban being wallhacks. You logged in with the name “SickNasty” which is linked to a ban (That was very recent) for wallhacks. The IGN that you put on the appeal is not the one that was banned, but was in the game at the time of the “ban evasion” ban

well sir, you are wrong. my friend is at my houe playing on his pc. if you remember correctly Zom, i was in the game while he got banned for ban evasion. you banned my ip then. because i cannot access that server, and neither can he, which makes sense. i did nothing.

i just tried again, and am for sure banned, it makes sense that hes banned. but not me.

Whether you - or your friend - cheated, both of you are banned because of him (or you). We don’t tolerate cheating of any kind and because you (or your friend) decided to cheat on our servers, you must both pay the price of your (or his) actions.

For safety and security, we cannot unban your account, as you’ve admitted to letting your friend play on another PC at your house and use your HWID, IP and other factors that have allowed him (or you) to bypass the ban.

I do apologise and I can see from your PoV that it’s really unfair and rough, but if that’s what your friend is doing to evade their ban, then we cannot take the risk that they will evade again if we unban you.

he didnt play on my pc, his pc is set up on the table in my room my dude. my account isnt banned, my ip is. which is shit. well whatever, ill just change my name and my public ip, catch ya on the servers my dude. its just one phone call to my isp, because they dont use dynamic dhcp. catch ya around (;

We use a lot more than just name and IP, my friend. Thank you for making my job easier.

Now please kindly fuck off and suck-start a shotgun

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