Ban Appeal ZERO

In-Game name: ZERO

Date and approximate time of banning: 12/03/2021

On what server you got banned: NN 24/7 Nuketown

Why should we unban you: Hello, Hello, apparently I have been reported, I have never used hacks and I have played for a long time on this server, I have always used this custom class:
marathon pro
ligthweight pro
I move very fast and always use the knife with this class. Hope this can be fixed.

if you’re banned it’s not simply because you were reported. things don’t work that way. It was either the anti-cheat or an admin that saw you cheating or saw proof of you cheating. In your current case it was the anti-cheat that banned you because it thought you were using an aimbot of some sort. So I would like to ask your cooperation to ensure that you weren’t actually cheating and give us the demo files of the game you were banned in.

Hi, here are the files, save only the files generated on 03/12/2021 day of the ban, because the entire folder is 200mb

Your look movement was kinda spastic at some points and it seemed like there was some lag. I think that’s why the anti-cheat banned you. Since that has nothing to do with actually hacking I’m going to go ahead and unban you. Let us know if you have trouble reconnecting.


user has been unbanned, please let us know on discord if you have any trouble connecting

discord @