Ban Appeal ZYNA

Ban Appeal Form from ZYNA

In-Game name:

Response: ZYNA

Date and approximate time of banning:

Response: 10/24/2021

On what server you got banned:

Response: NN 24/7 Nuketown / Skidrow

Why should we unban you:

Response: I really apologize I didn’t intend to use the hack because I don’t like it but as the server had some hackers messing up the game I decided to teach them a lesson at the same level ???

From what I can see from the chat history you may have been mistaken about the person in question. I can’t say for sure who but there was a clan member in the game you were accusing someone of hacking in that is fairly trustworthy when it comes to knowing if someone is hacking or not. Regardless we won’t be unbanning you since you were in fact cheating.

Appeal Denied //Thread Locked