Ban Appeal

In Game Name:



24/7 Lockdown


I never cheated in this game .

This is a false Permanent ban .


After I changed fov in the launcher to 600 and tried to play on server I got perma banned . I have no idea if it was due to the FOV change .

I have a really bullshit video I made on COD and I used the clips I recorded from server I did not cheat as you can see.

No penalties have been place on your account.
Probably just a banned guid? it also doesn’t appear to be a global ban so i dont know.

I did not use any cheats or anything at all , I never use that . This is the only Server I cant join and I used to play only on this server most of the time . Is there a way to get rid of this Ban ?

So is there a way for me to get unbanned cuz this is the only server I am banned from . I dont cheat .

Thanks for playing on our servers!

Sorry for any inconvenience

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