Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal Form from Yuri

In-Game name:Yuri

Date and approximate time of banning: 9/11/17 10:00 PM

On what server you got banned: NN 24/7 Lockdown

Why should we unban you: I play without Hacks, when I want to re-enter I get this:

Enforced Global Banned Yuri: Aimbot. I never use that .

Thanks for making a somewhat proper ban appeal.

We are currently looking into your ban. You wasn’t banned on “9/11/17” like you’ve said you claim to be. You was banned on Recently I am guessing. You’ve tried to log in on “5/10/17” & “5/11/17”.

You always have many GUID changes, which could also play a factor in your ban, as seen below.

We ask for you to be patient, as we try and work this out. Thanks.
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