Ban Appeal

In-Game name:
Response: Teh_Thanos

Date and approximate time of banning:
Response: 14/3/2018 between 5 and 7:30 I was banned offline

On what server you got banned:
Response: 24/7 broadcast

Why should we unban you:
Response:You say I was banned for cheeting I wasn’t

It’s not my call whether you are unbanned, but you were caught with the aim assist, even if it’s not an auto aim, it still gives you an unfair advantage.

The circle in the midle of my screen is from pressing control there is a windows option for that so you can locate your mouse use this to anable it and see for your self: I pressed control because it is also my prone button (it doesn’t last for more that a second and I can’t even see it in cod)

Good enough for me +1 for unban

thanks :slight_smile: any idea how long does it normally for an appeal to go through?

Are you blind or something, why are you using that?

nope I was working on a game and it had a bug which the mouse cursor went mad I turned that on so I can see where it was and it just stayed as I said I don’t even see it so it doesn’t bother me


Can’t guarantee it won’t happen again though if another admin see’s it they might assume it’s a hack or some sort.