Ban Appeal

In-Game Name: Clilary Hinton

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:4th May 2016 8:33 PM UTC

Admin That Banned You: OvXo

BanID: 1678

Any Comments You May Have: None

I think you watched for a few minutes and reach the conclusion that you’re possible WH as a demo of your game can be key.


Dude if you have your proof, just send your proof and my demo to deadweight

I’ve been banned and unbanned by him, and i can actually understand what he says (not an insult to you, just saying)

I do not understand what you tried to say, but as I told your demo may be possible to see part WH or like I was wrong.

I’ll have look at the Demo when i re-download my MW3 & Teknogods.


@ OvXO, @ HippieYoda, did you have a look at it?

Dude i thought you said you would -_-

Yeah, i can’t though.

did you not watch the demo?

I highly suggest changing your IGN to Clittary Hinton :penis:

I can’t i’m pretty busy with my life atm so… xD

No, i did not watch the video :stuck_out_tongue:

Triggering intensifies


Someone fucking look at it please.

Just provisionally unban him. Until someone reviews it he can play, unless he continues to play suspiciously. Clearly the guy wants to play so let’s allow him to for now.

lol only took you guys 11 days -_-

Let me stress that this is until your demo is reviewed, and this is not final. If it turns out you lied and were hacking then because of the breach of trust you will be perma banned.

lol whatever xD