Ban Appeal

In-game name:

Server banned:
Nameless Noobs 24/7 Nuketown

Reason for ban:

Reason for unban:
I do not use no-recoil.

Thank you for appealing. Evidence will be posted shortly. Please be patient.

The first clip

The second clip

Granted, the first clip doesn’t look that suspect, but the second clip is uhhh. No way. There were other instances when you had no recoil, but my demo kept crashing trying to get to the other parts of it.

Response to the first clip:
The ACR is a weapon with extremely low recoil as it is where many just regard the weapon having no recoil. As a long time player I naturally counteract recoil, although I do not think I even do this with the ACR with the lack of recoil there already is.

Response to the second clip:
I am not sure what to look at. I’m just weapon swapping and holding down the player’s breath and when you come into my view, I shoot.

Response to the first clip: You have zero screen shake and there is no recoil to counter on the ACR. It has a minimum upward pull that stops pulling further at an apex and peaks.

Response to the second clip: Yes, you are. You also had zero kick after taking a shot. It would show a minimum jump regardless of whether or not you scoped out immediately.

If you’re referring to the kick a player recieves when the player is shot at, I actually counteract that, other than that there should be no screen shaking.

The ‘minimum jump’ I think you are referring to, does not apply when a person immediately reloads after taking a shot.

The ban will be lifted.


Unban commands have been run, please attempt to join our Nuketown Server at your latest chance. If you have any further issues, feel free to open a new thread. Thank you