Ban Appeal

(EDIT) this was in the broadcast server

Also here’s a screenshot of my ban screen if it helps any: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 7rg1S_xZ61”></LINK_TEXT>

In-Game Name:

Currently is OntoriOni not sure what it was at the time of ban.

Date and Approximate Time of Banning:

I would say either over or close to a year ago during 2019, I know its old but I feel I have changed.

Admin That Banned You:

System/RCon is what it says

Any Comments You May Have: I will say yes at the time of my ban I was cheating and no There is no excuse but I’ll explain why I did. A the time I had a very bad laptop and I could barely grab 40 fps. I wanted to play the game though but wanted to be able to be at least decent instead of dying to everyone because they could see me before I could see them due to fps. So of course I used a wall-hack to gain somewhat of an advantage but was still bad cause Awful frames. Though now I can say I’ve been clean for quite a good amount of time now. Many months and I feel like getting back into this server as I did have fun on it. So I am providing gameplay of recent months to show that I am legit now and no longer cheat.

Also in the clips my name is Prosperity. That is my cod4 name but my steam is OntoriOni since your server uses steam names.

These are mainly appeal clips from other servers thinking im cheating so some im getting banned it but was used to get unbanned.

Twitch clips: <LINK_TEXT text=“Twitch? … eYnVyhU7Mw”>Twitch</LINK_TEXT>




Youtube clip:

Thank you for taking time to read my post


@rem-chan I didnt get unbanned the last time. They said I shared an ip with a cheater from 2 YEARS AGO even though I’m the only one with a pc and bought the game in october-ish. and the admins a corrupt one so he just deleted my appeals but its whatever i hope best for the server

And kingbloo I’m showing this gameplay because i stream this game now and its just a show that I am a clean player now. In one video i used player skins but I removed them shortly after because at the time i didnt know it was against there rules. (i know im dumb) but its all i got to show im not a waller or anything anymore. This is honestly the main game i stream

Hi there, your ban was dated June 30th 2019 at which point you were (and of course you’ve already admitted to) cheating. (Proof Attached.)

While I respect that you’ve added videos and clips to prove that you’ve “gone clean”, I’m afraid the ban will stick, purely because we cannot risk a possibility that you may decide to use cheats again, for whatever reason.

Proof (Although you’ve already admitted anyway) →

//Ban Appeal Denied.
//Thread Locked.