Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal:
In-Game Name- Havyc

Date and Approximate time of banning- June 23, 15:00

Admin that Banned you: Andrew||NN

Any comments you may have:
The reason for my ban was supposed ‘‘aimkey’’. If he had spectated me he would have clearly saw i don’t have any sorts of aim hacks. Admins really need to learn to differentiate a good player from a cheater. Thanks.

Hmm we are being a bit cocky here,aren’t we?
This is the proof.
If you are not hacking,upload your proof here.

I have my proof recorded, sadly my upload speed is terrible, id be willing to send you my proof in any other way possible. I’d like to point out that those clips you recorded were taken out of context. Yes it looks like im cheating but you have to understand that in those clips you cant see my radar or see that my specialist bonus is active which makes killing people a hell of a lot easier. Having every single perk in the game makes you a god basically if you know how to play correctly. Id like to show you my proof without having to wait 3 hours for an upload, if there is no other way then i will do so.

You have 24 hours to post your proof or else you’re banned since Andrew posted his proof.

How else am i supposed to prove i wasnt cheating during that game without using theater mode? When you see the full demo you can see that all of those questionable kills can be explained by my radar and my specialist bonus. Im uploading the proof now, when its done ill post it here. I also want to apologize to Andrew for coming off as cocky or arrogant in my first post, i was annoyed about this situation when i wrote the first post so sorry about that.

My Proof:

m8 i have to say it looks hella fishy :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: ur mp7 does more dmg that my scar-h ur dropin people sooo quick, maybe ur just good

Rapid Fire

It melts people, try it out yourself.

MP7 = Skrub

lel jk.

THis guy has a name of 101010101 and u cant vk him cuz its so hard to type that shit in.

Not sure why you’re posting this here

Please post that in a new thread.

That changes things here,thank you for the info.
He is hacking with that name?

ya and he keeps getting on the server for like 10 mins and leaves when everyone rage quits, such an ass

Due to inactivity here and not denying the fact that you are the “1010101” guy,you will stay //banned.

So I go through all this trouble to prove i’m not cheating and you can clearly see that i’m not cheating in my proof. But because you’re too stubborn to admit that you’re wrong i’m going to stay banned. Very professional. Also, how exactly am i supposed to be this 101010 guy? What the fuck. Lmfao you’re the one who banned me from the server. I haven’t played on there since. Compare his IP to mine and again you’ll see that you’re wrong. Also forgive my “inactivity” sorry I don’t want to babysit this thread waiting for your reply.

Well,well,well,looks like someone proved himself,but nice,you are not a 12 year old just asking for forgivness,and just like you said,you went through all this trouble to prove you are not hacking so you are now //unbanned.

Woah i’d like to just state my opinion here on everyone.

Havyc I understand you got banned and it might be annoying however there’s no need for hostility, just keep that in mind :wink: (this doesn’t go just for you it goes for admins and other players)
As for others please don’t respond on ban appeals that have nothing to do with you.

As for the ban appeal, i suppose Andrew and HippieYoda have decided to unban you so i’ll be locking this topic…