Ban Appeal

In-Game name: Pero Pero Pero

Date and approximate time of banning: 5/28/20 10:50

On what server you got banned: NamelessNoobs 2x Vanilla Monthly

Why should we unban you:
I haven’t done anything, but i’m getting disconnected for “Ban Evade” every time I try to join

Hi there, sorry that noone got back to you sooner.

I looked into your ban and found that you share identifiers with another Steam Account with the username: " disshitfakeaf " (Steam ID: 76561199029691565) that was Gamebanned from Rust around 12 days ago. Because of the similarities between these identifiers, the server has automatically banned your current Steam account from playing on our servers.

Is there any information you can try to provide to us?

Gamebanned Account:

Two weeks have passed and there has been no response on the users end, thread will be locked for forum cleanup. If you’re still having issues, please re-appeal.

//Thread Locked and Moved (Cleanup)