Ban Appeal

In-Game Name: Pestilence

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Today, June 7th ~9:15pm -5 UTC

Admin That Banned You: System/Rcon

Any Comments You May Have: My ID: 2310346615308413814. I was banned instantly when trying to join a server. I’m running the game using Steam Proton on Pop_OS! 20.04. I’m assuming that was detected as hacking.

Hi Pestilence, sorry for the slow reply. Your appeal didn’t show up in my normal notifications for some reason, so I hadn’t noticed your post.

Looking into your ban, a few things don’t quite line up, so I’ve unbanned your ID. Let me know if you can connect without getting kicked now.

Hi Awakening,

Same thing happened again.

I was also having some issues with stuttering that were related to using an outdated version of punkbuster. I just fixed that by using the punkbuster files from the callofdutyview website. I don’t know if the outdated punkbuster has anything to do with this issue since I believe cod4x uses its own anticheat, but thought I’d mention it. I just fixed that after getting banned again.

We don’t use punkbuster on our servers. We use a differen’t programs / methods for hackers & such. So that shouldn’t be the problem. It could be your internet?

I can connect to other servers no problem, and I never had problems connecting to your servers when I was using Windows 10. I just switched to Linux last weekend.

Hmm, strange. I’m not even seeing a log entry for the kick. Or any recent connections by a player name “Pestilence”. Searching by IP shows a “Pestilence204”, but the guid doesn’t match and there are no recent connections and no active ban. Searching with the guid you listed gives me a player with the wrong IP and no recent connections either. I’ve already unbanned that guid to try to unban you.
I’ll see if the owner can have a look on the back end.

Spoke to the boss, and for now we only support the use of Windows.

So unfortunately for now.

Appeal Denied

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