Ban Appeal

I was just banned on the NukeRaidedJacked server. (6/12/20)
The reason was “multi-hack” whatever that means, but i was not hacking anything.
I was playing with one of my friends too KWM4 and he knows I am legit.
my name on there is “flky”
Im not really sure what else to say other than I wasn’t cheating, I genuinely wish to get unbanned as this is one of the servers i enjoy the most due to
the low latency and just the map rotations.

Hi, the BO2 team has yet to review the footage so please be patient as we all have different schedules and it may take a bit more time before they all have a chance to see it.

However, I’m a already a bit suspicious of your appeal due to you mentioning your “friend” KWM4 who apparently “knows you’re legit”.

A few days ago your “friend”, who will supposedly vouch for you being legit, reported you for cheating and had some not so nice things to say about you.
It doesn’t sound like he “knows you’re legit” to me. It sounds more like he “knows” you’re not legit and he seems pretty confident in that. And idk about you but me and my friends don’t really talk to each other like that.

Also, I’m not sure if he’s the best “friend” to call on considering he was recently banned by the anticheat.
Yes, he was unbanned because we gave him the benefit of the doubt as we had no other proof apart from the anticheat, but bringing him up in your appeal probably will probably do more harm than good. Especially when you claim you guys are suddenly friends after him reporting you and calling you racial slurs a few days ago.

I can guarantee you the person is not KWM4, I even remember this moment of the guy saying that in chat as I was literally in a call with KWM4 on discord, why would KWM4 type that in chat when he just say it to me in the call? I dont really know what else to say, other than that guy in the 1st screenshot is not KMW4… Me and KWM4 have been friends for a while now, he’s the reason I started playing B02 again.

If you don’t believe you me you can check his profile yourself

alright, so i explained the situation to him. He is stating that he was most likely just salty and reported me because he was mad. It’s still a very bad situation I am in, and I understand if it’s hard to believe. Ill just have to take the ban if that’s the case.

It definitely is hard to believe. At first you were so sure that he never reported you and said those things, but now that I linked his chat history you can suddenly remember him reporting you and calling you racial slurs? That seems like something you’d be able to remember especially when it’s only a few days ago.

Yeah i understand, at first were both kinda like heated in a sense, due to the ban. I wasnt at all sure why I was banned, and I guess the fact I was playing with my friend, I figured he would know I was legit. Then seeing what you had to say about him, I just was less and less sure, Until he finally said. At this point it’s fine. I’ve moved on, but I never cheated in any way.