Ban Appeal

In-Game Name: Dziobek

Date and Approximate Time of Banning: Not known

Admin That Banned You: System/Rcon

Any Comments You May Have:
So this may be a weird case, I played CoD4 for a few months at launch, and just last week I reinstalled it to try it again. I got a message (image attached) when trying to join one of the servers (I think 24/7 crossfire). Honestly, I have no idea what could have caused it. I reinstalled using my original disk and CD key (not steam). I do run Linux and run the game through Wine if that might have any effect. I never did any hacking or anything in the past, so more than anything I’m curious what caused this ban as this is one of the few populated servers left! Thanks.

Its caused by linux. Nothing we can do on our end. Since cod4x uses pc hardware to make a guid. I’d recommend trying on windows if the issue still happens


Like St0rm said, unfortunately Linux doesn’t produce a proper guid for cod4x to use, so it shows up as a banned guid.

Would love to help you get back in, but there’s unfortunately nothing we can do for this one.

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