Ban Appeal

I originally was banned on MW2, ever since then haven’t been able to play on MW3 servers at all. I was cheating, yeah. I admit to doing that, The only good IW5 servers that are around anymore is NamelessNoobs and RUST 24/7, when Rust 24/7 isn’t on. Usually NamelessNoobs is populated. But, Since I’m perma banned, I can’t really do anything about it. So I’ve came here to appeal since I haven’t really taken action since the ban. I forget when I even got banned. All I know was that it was on MW2 and I was being a dickhead. Sincerely Sorry. I’ve learned from my actions and shall choose wisely from now on.

When you get banned on one of our servers you get banned on all of them. We’re glad that you owned up to your mistake but unfortunately, the ban will stay. Cheaters stay banned forever.

Yes Sir, Understandable.